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  • Newcastle vs Arsenal LIVE!
  • Man City vs Liverpool LIVE!
  • Everton vs Sunderland LIVE!
  • Chelsea vs Swansea LIVE!
  • Hull vs Man United LIVE!
  • Tottenham vs West Brom LIVE!
  • West Ham vs Arsenal LIVE!
  • PSG vs Real Madrid LIVE!
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At Al Jazeera Sport we take piracy very seriously because it has an impact on so many people, including our subscribers. It is not something that only affects Al Jazeera Sport but impacts all broadcasters around the globe. We are working very closely with the Premier League in order to tackle piracy of our channel and this has led to the recent decision to reduce the number of LIVE Premier League games that we show on a Saturday. We hope that this cooperation will produce results as soon as possible which WILL allow us to resume our normal schedule of games. We will be launching a new, secure set top box in January and with the help of our customers we will move into a piracy free situation as soon as possible. x

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